Tornado 2-Engine Fighter Jet/Bomber

Tornado 2-Engine Fighter Jet/BomberTornado 2-Engine Fighter Jet/BomberTornado 2-Engine Fighter Jet/Bomber

The Tornado fighter plane is a twin-engine / bomber and has been developed by three countries: Germany, UK and Italy. The Tornado is in use by the air forces of Germany, Britain, Italy and Saudi Arabia, but they are all in a different version.

The Tornado GR4 is a feature that the wings can be rotated backward to fly faster. Without external load, such as pumps and / or measures of tornadoes can reach a top speed of more than 2,200 km / h. With the payload of the tornado flies around 1100, 1,200 km / h.

At the tip of the right is a defensive aids sub-system assembly. This protects aircraft against surface-to-air guided by radar and antiaircraft artillery. A special version of the Tornado GR4 can be equipped with the Sea Eagle anti-shipping missiles to naval missions