FV510 Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle

FV510 Warrior Infantry Fighting VehicleFV510 Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle
FV510 Warrior is an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) sent by the British Army. It was designed and built by the multinational firm GKN pl, and became fully operational with the British army in 1987. The helmet of the warrior is hardened aluminum alloy armor equipped with additional fixtures. This vehicle is equipped with infantry support to GKN Sankey two-man turret equipped with a 30 mm automatic gun L21A1 rard, who has the ability to destroy most modern armored vehicles at a maximum distance of 1,500 meters (1,600 m). The fighter is powered by a Perkins engine, Rolls-Royce V8 Condor diesel. Between 1987 and 1995, the British Army received 790 FV510 vehicles.

The warrior desployed in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, successful participation in Operation Desert Storm in 1991, Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001-2002, and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. Only two warriors were destroyed during Operation Desert Storm, with nine soldiers killed in friendly fire incident when they were attacked by a U.S. A-10 Thunderbolt II, who had confused the British armored vehicle for enemy tanks, missile launches AGM-65 Maverick which hit the targets.