ZTZ99 China Main Battle Tank

ZTZ99 China Main Battle TankZTZ99 China Main Battle Tank
The ZTZ99 (also known as Type 99, industrial designation WZ123) manufactured by China North Industries Group Corporation (CNGC) is the main tank's most advanced combat (MBT) sent by the PLA. First entering the PLA service in late 2001, the ZTZ99 provides a significant improvement in firepower, mobility and protection from older Chinese-made tanks.

MBT as a 'high', the ZTZ99 was built on a small number (~ 200) due to high unit price (U.S. $ 1.9 million in 1999). These tanks are currently deployed by two elite armored regiments in the region of Beijing and Shenyang Military respectively. Some of the technologies have been used ZTZ99 to improve the least expensive ZTZ96 MBT.