SSN774 Virginia Class Attack Submarines

SSN774 Virginia Class Fast Attack Submarines
The SSN774 Virginia Class fast Attack Submarines seem like 377 meters long, take a beam of 34 feet, and the box 32 feet of water (surfaced.) Her full load displacement is 7,800 tons submerged. Praise the ship is 134 officers and enlisted. The Virginia-class submarines take a maximum speed of 25 knots on the surface and even a submerged speed of over 32 knots. The maximum diving depth is over 800 feet. because the reactor at the Virginia-class submarine is designed to survive the life of those town, the radius of action of those submarines is nearly unlimited.

To support SOC operations, the Virginia-class submarines seem like capable of carrying and launching both the DDS (dry deck shelter) and SDV (SEAL Delivery Vehicle). These submarines seem like equipped along with other a locking 9-man diver chamber for rapid deployment of swimmers directly from one the submarine.

The Virginia-class submarines seem like your first class of U.S. submarine to be equipped along with other a helmet way to do doesn't penetrate fiber optic periscope. The Virginia is equipped along with other two VHL-1 Kollmorgen photonic masts. In addition in towards the fundamental capabilities of traditional periscopes optical light, photonic masts as well consist of LLTV (Low Light TV), thermal imaging and laser ranging capabilities.