Arrow 2 Israel Ballistic Missile System

Arrow 2 Israel Ballistic Missile SystemThe Arrow 2 theatre ballistic missile defence system has been developed by the MLM Division of Israel Aerospace Industries and is in operation with the Israeli Defence Forces.

The system, carrying the codename Homa or Fence, is deployed in two batteries, one close to Tel Aviv and one to the south of Haifa. the first battery became operational in 2000, the second in 2002. a call on deployment of 3rd battery has not yet been taken, however it's under discussion for service entry in 2012.

The missile launch platoon consists of the Hazelnut Tree truck-mounted Launch control Centre (LCC), developed by IAI MLM, with four or eight missile launch trailers. the whole launch platoon is mobile and able to relocate to a new site. once firing the launchers can be reloaded in an hour.

There are microwave and radio data and voice communications links between the launch centre and the radar command and controlcentre. The launch system can be located up to 300km from the location selected for the radar command and control centre.