2S31 Vena Multipurpose Amphibious Vehicle

2S31 Vena Multipurpose Amphibious VehicleThe 2S31 Vena is a multipurpose, amphibious self-propelled tracked artillery system, developed by OAO Motovilikhinskiye zavody for export markets as well as for the Russian Armed Forces.

The self-propelled gun provides direct fire support for the mechanised infantry divisions. The 2S31 Vena was developed in 1996. It is the latest in the Nona family of self-propelled tracked artillery systems. The system is designed to meet the requirements of the army, navy and marine corps.

The 2S31 Vena is armed with a 2A80 120mm rifled gun. The gun can fire all types of Russian and foreign 120mm mortar shells as well as Nato standard mortar mines. It has a maximum rate of fire of 8 to 10 rounds a minute.

The gun can be elevated from a -4º to +80º angle. The ammunition includes high-explosive anti-tank projectiles, HE-fragmentation mortar bombs, Kitolov-2 guided projectiles, smoke bombs and mines.

The gun delivers powerful closely-grouped high-explosive fire on a target with significant destruction impact in comparison with 152mm and 155mm artillery.

The gun can achieve a maximum firing range of 13km with high-explosive plastic (HEP) projectile and 7.2km with high-explosive bomb.