MC-130J Combat Shadow Special Operations

MC-130J Combat Shadow Special OperationsMC-130J Combat Shadow Special OperationsMC-130J Combat Shadow Special Operations

On March twenty ninth 2011, at Marietta, Georgia Lockheed Martin rolled out a replacement variant of its MC-130 series aircraft designated as MC-130J Combat Shadow IIs for the U.S. Air Force’s Special Operations Command (AFSOC). Lt. Gen. Donald C. Wurster, commander, Air Force Special Operations Command, was the keynote speaker at the event.

Unlike the previous variant of MC-130 series aircrafts which contains the MC-130E Combat Talon I, MC-130H Combat Talon II, MC-130W Combat Spear and MC-130P Combat Shadow, the MC-130J’s are attending to be equipped with advanced sensors, expanded avionics and universal aerial refueling capability and might enable the highly skilled Airmen of AFSOC to figure beneath powerful conditions with unmatched speed and capability. Wurster was quoted saying ““The MC-130J is one in each of the foremost versatile tactical airlifters among the globe. Its multi-mission capabilities will increase the combat performance of special operations forces worldwide”.