USS Midway Aircraft Carriers

USS Midway Aircraft CarriersUSS Midway Aircraft Carriers

The declared war on Japan following the attack December 1941 on Pearl Harbor. nations revolutionized naval warfare course of 4 years; of battles were fought either fleet of .

Most of the fleet carriers were prewar , the demand for air protection was intense that new were developed: carriers (designated CVL), on cruiser hulls, and escort carriers (CVE), whose main was Atlantic convoys from German U-boats.

During the postwar , carrier technology advances. The angled flight deck, the Royal Navy, was adopted in 1953. The first "supercarrier" was commissioned in 1955 (although an earlier had been canceled by the Secretary of Defense), nuclear-powered carrier in 1961, all the Cold War.

Also, a record for crossing the Pacific Ocean was set by a U.S. Navy carrier the Korean War. Carriers recovered spacecraft splashdown, the Mercury-Redstone and Apollo missions.