Ka-50 Russian Attack Helicopter

Ka-50 is Russian Attack HelicopterKa-50 is Russian Attack Helicopter
The Ka-50 Russian Attack Helicopter, created by Kamov Helicopters JSC, carries the Nato codename Hokum A, with Hokum B the 2-seat version, Ka-52. Ka-50 is additionally called Werewolf. it is a highly-performance combat helicopter with day and night capability, highly survivability and fireplace power to defeat air targets and heavily armoured tanks armed with air defence weapons system. It entered service in the Russian Army throughout 1995 and is produced at the Sazykin Aviation Company Progress based mostly in Arseniev Maritime Territory, Russia.

A first batch of eight Ka-50 aircraft has been delivered. twelve Ka-52 were to be procured for Russian Air Force special operations in 2005, however funding for the programme has been cut from the 2005 budget. As recently 2008, the Russian Air Force operated 15 Ka-50 and ten Ka-52 helicopters

A night attack version, Ka-50N, with Samshit-50T thermal imager, day TV and laser rangefinder has been developed, and Kamov has conjointly joined with Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) to produce a version, the Ka-50-2 Erdogan that is compatible with Nato weapons system and has an Israeli equipped cockpit.