10 MBT-X Japan Future Main Battle Tank

10 MBT-X Japan Future Main Battle Tank10 MBT-X Japan Future Main Battle Tank
The Type 10 TK-X (X-MBT) project aims to build a new main battle tank to replace the current 74-type battle tanks currently in service with the Ground Self-Defense Force of Japan. This deposit will be sent to the regions closest and most mountainous of the country. The design emphase C4I capabilities, and increase performance, firepower, defense and mobility.

The Type 10 has an inclined tower armor similar to the Leopard 2A5, and a side profile similar to Leclerc. The use of modular components, which significantly improves the lateral reinforcement in comparison with the Type 90. The armor of the vehicle can be reconfigured as needed. No additional shielding, the vehicle weighs about 40 tons, weighing about 48 tons, with all the add-on armor.