Bv206S Sweden Armoured Personnel Carrier

Bv206S Sweden Armoured Personnel CarrierThe Bv206S is an armoured personnel carrier adaptation of the tracked articulate all-terrain vehicle, Bv206, of which 11,000 accept been produced and are operational in over 40 countries worldwide.

The car can backpack 12 combat-equipped soldiers through difficult area and acute acclimate conditions. The car operates in temperatures from -32°C to +46°C, from Arctic to arid and boscage conditions.

The car provides top advancement and ballistic aegis and is accessible as an armoured cadre carrier, burden carrier, battlefield ambulance, adhesive carrier, command column car and accretion vehicle.

The Bv206S car was developed accordingly by Alvis Hagglunds (now BAE Systems Land Systems Hagglunds) and the Swedish Army Materiel Command, initially for use by the Swedish armed forces. It is in account with the armed armament of France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Sweden. The Bv206S is aswell beneath appraisal by added armies. Orders accept been accustomed for 479 Bv206S vehicles.

The engine and manual are installed in the foreground cabin. The Steyr M16 six-cylinder in-line, 3,200cc, absolute bang agent engine provides 130kW ability at 4,000rpm and 350Nm torque at 2,300rpm. The ability to weight arrangement is 19.42hp/t.

The Mercedes Benz W5A-580 automated manual has 5 advanced and one about-face gear. The gearbox is affiliated by a shaft to a alteration gearbox bogus by Hagglunds Car AB. A disc anchor is installed advanced of the alteration gearbox and is adequate central the car body. Ability is transmitted via cardan shafts to the final drives at the foreground ends of the advanced and rear chassis.

The car is able with hydrostatic articulate and damped steering. Council is accomplished by a change of administration amid the foreground and rear chassis. The hydraulic arrangement uses bartering off the shelf components.