Al-Zarraris Pakistani Main Battle Tank

Al-Zarraris Pakistani Main Battle TankAl-Zarraris the main battle tank (MBT) of the Pakistani Army, developed and produced by Pakistan's Abundant Industries Taxila (HIT). The Al-Zarrar catchbasin was developed by modernising and rebuilding the anachronistic Chinese Type 59 tank. The catchbasin weighs 40t and can board a aggregation of four.

The Al-Zarrar development programme began in 1990. Pakistan is appear to accept ordered 400 Al-Zarrar tanks in absolute and the aboriginal accumulation of 80 tanks was delivered to the army in February 2004.

In October 2008, the Bangladeshi Army formed a collective adventure with Pakistan to clean its Type 59 MBTs to the new Al-Zarrar catchbasin standard. Pakistan will alteration the accordant technology to Bangladesh beneath the collective venture. About 300 tanks are accepted to be modernised beneath the project, which will be agitated out in Bangladesh at the 902 Abundant Workshop of the Bangladeshi Army.

The primary ammunition of Al-Zarrar is a 125mm smoothbore gun with chrome-plated, auto-frettaged gun barrel. The accessory ammunition includes a 12.7mm Type 54 anti-aircraft abundant apparatus gun – army on the turret roof, which allows the aggregation to blaze at targets from central the catchbasin – and two 7.62mm coaxial apparatus guns.

Al-Zarrar can blaze armour-piercing fin-stabilised auctioning sabot (APFSDS), top atomic anti-tank fin-stabilised warheads (HEAT-FS), HE-FS and anti-tank guided missile rounds.

The catchbasin can aswell blaze 125mm Naiza, a depleted uranium annular developed by Pakistan. The Naiza can access formed constant armour up to 550mm-thick from a distance of 2km.