T-90S Russia Main Battle Tank

T-90S Russia Main Battle TankThe T-90S is the latest development in the T-series of Russian tanks and represents an access in firepower, advancement and protection. It is bogus by Uralvagonzavod in Nizhnyi Tagil, Russia.

The T-90S entered account with the Russian Army in 1992. In February 2001, the Indian Army active a arrangement for 310 T-90S tanks: 124 were completed in Russia and the blow are getting delivered in "knocked down" anatomy for final accumulation in India.

The aboriginal of these was delivered in January 2004. The locally accumulated tanks are christened 'Bhishma'. The tanks are adapted with the Shtora self-protection arrangement and Catherine thermal imagers from Thales of France and Peleng of Belarus. The aboriginal ten Bhishma tanks were inducted into the Indian Army in August 2009. India affairs to abet 1,640 T-90 tanks by 2020.

The T-90S armament includes one 125mm 2A46M smoothbore gun, stabilised in two axes and adapted with a thermal sleeve. The gun tube can be replaced after dismantling central the turret. The gun can blaze a array of armament including APDS (Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot), HEAT (high-explosive anti-tank), HE-FRAG (high-explosive fragmentation) as able-bodied as armament projectiles with time fuses.

The T-90S gun can aswell blaze the 9M119 Refleks (NATO appellation AT-11 Sniper) anti-tank guided missile system. The ambit of the missile is 100m to 4,000m and takes 11.7 sec to ability best range. The arrangement is advised to appoint tanks adapted with ERA (explosive acknowledging armour) as able-bodied as low-flying air targets such as helicopters, at a ambit of up to 5km. The missile arrangement fires either the 9M119 or 9M119M missiles which accept semi-automatic laser beamriding advice and a alveolate allegation warhead. Missile weight is 23.4kg. The accoutrements automated loader will augment both ammunition and missiles.

Also adapted is a coaxial 7.62mm PKT apparatus gun and a 12.7mm air defence apparatus gun. A 5.45mm AKS-74 advance burglarize is agitated on a accumulator rack.